Thoughts from Places — Sale

15 May, 2015

Have you ever thought about the ways that friendship has evolved over the last fifty years?

When my eldest aunt was born, my grandparents put a notice in The Argus, which back then was basically what The Age is today. I’m uncertain what The Age’s role in this topsy-turvy world was but that’s not important right now.

The gorgeous effect of the intertwining lake,
and the many factors of nature surrounds,
the peaceful blue of the sky above,
and the life of the insects covers the ground.

Sale clock tower

Clock towers were once way more necessary than they are today, too

My grandparents had recently moved up near Nhil, far out in the western districts and back in the 50s that was a pretty big trek back in those days. So when they welcomed their firstborn into the world, the easiest way to share the news with friends and family was to put it in the newspaper. Over the following days, there would often be return notices wishing the best for the child - just like the Facebook posts we all know so well these days.

Before I figured out how I was going to tell this story, I listed a number of abstract facts about the town… but to me, Sale is most interesting because it’s the place where my friend grew up.

This was the first time I’d been to Sale; and a few weeks ago I got a text saying ”Snapchat makes me feel like we’re all together when apart.” So, putting these two things together, I decided to put her theory to the test… since she wasn’t here to show me around in person, I figured I’d just spam her snapchat feed instead.

Sale clock tower

In the name of all that is good and logical, we give thanks for the chemical energy we are about to absorb

Regretfully I didn’t decide to write this until I was on the way home, so I can’t share the full experience. It seemed to work moderately well though. (At least from my end)

I sent a ‘snap’ of the “Welcome to Sale” sign asking for somewhere to have lunch and got myself a tasty recommendation for Mister Raymond, a tip that the lake would be a nice place to walk around, and a third suggestion which I wasn’t able to catch because I am rubbish at snapchatting. (Maybe it didn’t work so well after all?)

But with my work done, and a song in my heart, I set off to find Mister Raymond — where lunch was indeed tasty and to snapchat that I’d made my way there. After lunch, I headed down to the lake, because I was told to, and because lakes are cool.

Sale clock tower

I saved one!

I found a path that split at the intersection of the two lakes… one track lined with plastic markers, the other cut between the two lakes heading straight to the botanic gardens. And I? I took the road that went closer to the Pelicans up ahead, because Pelicans are some of my favourite birds.

As I continued down the path, I found all manner of things to snapchat: birds I didn’t know the name of, interesting bits of art, and informational signs that left openings for bad pop cultural references.

As XKCD once noted, thanks to the internet, one of the first things that I do almost every day is to catch up on the lives of my friends from across the world.

I’m squarely in the “technology as a tool extends our personal interactions” camp, but I moved to the internet long ago, and I recognise that there are plenty who do not see things the same way.

Of course, sometimes typing *hug* sometimes just doesn’t cut it, and the only solution is an impulsive, cross-country trip at 2AM.