Anzac Day 2015

24 April, 2015

100 years on from the landings at Gallipoli, Anzac is probably the well-known word in the country, and for that matter the general South Pacific area.

But even with this word being so well-known, how many details do we actually know about the events surrounding its creation?

The story of Anzac is much more complex than you'd expect

For most of us, it’s that the mighty Australian Army came ashore on April 25th. But did you know that as well as the New Zealand, Newfoundland, British, French and British Indian Armies, the RAN and Royal Navy also had ground troops at Gallipoli?

The story of the Dardanelles Campaign, and World War One in general, is almost infinitely more complex than you realise.

There are so many resources out there to help us know what this day means, from Bean’s Official History, to that standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom, Wikipedia, and easiest of all, Youtube.

I ask you all to take some time to find out something new this year. For if we do not remember, then we have no option but to forget.