Malcolm Fraser (1930-2015)

20 March, 2015

It’s a bad year to be a former Prime Minister, it would seem.

Malcolm Fraser was the only Liberal PM to achieve a parliamentary majority in his own right: after The Dismissal and accompanying double-dissolution, he won a 55-seat margin (when you added in the Country Party MPs) which is still the biggest majority in Commonwealth electoral history. He seems to have had a hand in the end of minority white rule in Rhodesia, which I had no idea of; as well as accepting 150,000 refugees from the Vietnam War, although I was vaguely aware of that.

To us young folk though, he is probably best known for giving up his life membership of the Liberal Party and regularly telling them not to be so evil - showing us being that even after 60 years of dedicated service, you should never be afraid to be true yourself, and your beliefs.