Finding New Horizons

14 July, 2015

We are currently about 25 hours from New Horizons’ blistering (872km/h) flyby of the Pluto-Charon system.

It’s a weird place (although the Solar System is full of weird places) and I hope it’s going to get weirder once humanity has paid its first visit to a Kuiper Belt Object (#notaplanet) I mean, since this mission was launched, nine whole years ago, Pluto became a Minor Planet, gained two Moons and that’s just what has happened from Earth.

The New Horizons team have been scienceing for months, and will continue to do so for months more, but tomorrow, the probe is going to get to within 12,500 km of Pluto. That means it will be fly between Pluto and Charon — objects so small and close and far away that we literally can not resolve them into separate objects on Earth.

And I think that is really cool.

Post-flyby Edit:
Aww my gosh, New Horizons made it!
It it’s sending back data to Earth! It’s horribly slow for some interesting technical reasons, but the data is on it’s way! Huzzah!
Great work by NASA and APL :)