2014, A Look Back in Annoyance

29 December, 2014

In the interest of a little variety, my “oh em gee, 2014 was so cool” post takes the form of an awards show.

Winners are encouraged to print out a screen cap and stick it to their fridge.

the Samuel E. Wright Memorial Award for being Better Down Where it's Wetter

Sebastian the Crab

90s Kid Moot was a fantastic event, full marks to Brush Park for putting it on, even though it was raining for a fair portion of the event, it was that warm rain which is possibly my favourite type of weather.

the Grover Cleveland Award for Returning to Form

the 22nd, and 24th, President of the United States

I don't know what it was: having zero responsibility, going and seeing a sweet waterfall, getting back right down the front of the stage, how little time I spent in my own campsite, new friends, old friends or even the socks I was wearing. But whatever it was, I'm grateful.

This year was just like the Surfmoots of old, the ones I tell my grandsquires about when they gather 'round my camp chair asking what Surfmoot, and for that matter Rovering, is all about.

The Prince Harry Award for Excellence in Partying

HRH The Prince Henry of Wales

It may prove to be premature to award this before New Year's Eve, however I doubt it. Linda Mitchell has had this award in the bag since 90s Kid Moot, and probably Surfmoot.

To paraphrase TommyG, that thing she did, in the field, with the cow?... You want to party with this girl!

The Fifteen Year Old School Leaver Award for Complete Disappointment

How I Met Your Mother's Ninth Season brought shame upon its ancestors, and the less said about it, the better.

The Defecating Penguin Award for Doing Cool Shit with me

Shaun Smith has let me tag along on all kinds of cool activities: Multi-pitching, regular abseiling, kayaking, high ropes... what a champ. Five stars.

The Good Times Award for Greatest Altitude Achieved

Matt Conway, Catey Fraser and Ryan Beeby climbed Mt Bogong with me at Easter. It was fun!

and, finally, the coveted Copulating Jelly Baby Award for being Fucking Sweet:

WAM kicked 2014 off with a bang, met awesome people, got to know other awesome people better, did cool stuff and, of course, travelled across the country from east to west.