An Open Letter to Surfmoot

30 January, 2014

Surfmoot, my old friend.

Here we are: parting ways at last. The Hottest 100 Day long weekend just won’t be the same without you.

Hopefully, it will be less sunburn-y…

As always, my thanks to your committee for their hard work. Without their time and effort you would be but a shadow of yourself.

Over the past few years, I’ve become more of a fan of Mudbash - don’t feel bad, we’ve both different people and events, respectively, than we were 7 years ago; it’s just one of those things.
I don’t know what it was: relaxing instead of having responsibilities, going and seeing a sweet waterfall, getting back right down the front of the stage, how little time I spent in my own campsite, new friends, old friends or even the socks I was wearing. But whatever it was, I’m grateful.

This year was just like the Surfmoots of old, the ones I tell my grandsquires about when they gather ‘round my camp chair asking what Surfmoot, and for that matter Rovering, is all about.
I’m glad we could go out on a high note - maybe I’ll see you around some time.

Best wishes,