Sunday Night

11 November, 2009

On Sunday night I was peacefully lying upside down on the couch in the lounge room watching Kill Bill Pt.1 with Sarah.Gary and I noticed a few cars go past when Rhys goes out the front and tells us thats its the same car and they’ve been hanging around a while. We all thought that was strange but went back to our business, when Sarah and I were starting to make tracks, we find that theres shaving cream and chocolate sauce all over Rhys’ car windows so he goes all “grrr, angry” and runs off down the street.

I call out Mr Burridge who promptly jumped on his bike and rode off in the other direction while the three of us (Me, Gary & Mr Vine) stand on the kerb having a bit of a lol when the car went by twice more and Sarah got all mothery. They returned quickly enough and we went back inside to see if they’d come back. Then after a while I tagged in for Rhys, who’d been lurking outside with his sword only to find that some idiot friends of his were behind it.

It was all a bit of a let down, really.