Mudbash 2009

09 June, 2009

A very good year?

It t’was a good event. Whippit came in 6th in the Non-Rover Category.

It started friday, they even got a visit then from Sunrise, the weather girl drove through the Obs Course in Bung’ole. Clearly the best choice of buggy. I got up there Friday night. First time I drove to Mafeking after dark.. which was interesting. All the more so because of the RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF FOG. As usual we met up with EJ for a parma (or similar) at the Royal Mail, only to find that they had gone and remodelled the place in the last year, it was highly rude. Parmas got smaller too which was just as concerning as the loss of the circular pool table.

We were camped with Corhanwarrabul this year, for no good reason, as it was more like Corhanwarrabul was camping with us based on the numbers of 16 vs 3. This is why I don’t like missing Business Meetings and Prep nights: things happen that I don’t like.

I also Marshalled on Saturday afternoon, it was interesting to see the event from another perspective. And I found a cool looking water tower/observation point. Saturday night, they showed the video of Fifi Box on Friday morning (in between shouts of Dean, do a handstand). Looks like it was a good load of PR for Rovers… Yay!

Other than that, no exciting crew drama like there was last year, but that’s actually a good thing so I’m not complaining about it.