Muckup Day? No Deal...

21 October, 2006

So we walk into school from the bottom oval and the first thing we see is a broken window on the edge of the lower oval “Oh you’ve GOT to be kidding” we walk up and see our friends, along with the rest of Senior School standing around talking and are directed to the G-Block portables.

We roll up there and “Great. School’s gonna be pissed about this.” Gary gets a call and goes off to B-Block Staffroom where the Social Comitteee is in damage-control mode, but to no avale… word is that almost half the year level, or over 100 people, plus ring-ins from year 10, and former students were all up there last night and they caused a whole bunch of damage. A couple of people are getting expelled, and probably charged.

Come 9am, following a quick conversation to an Assistant Principal, confirming our bonafides as concerned and appalled students, we were sheparded off into the VCE Centre. There, we were yelled at for the next 20 minutes (in sucession) by the Principal, the Head of Senior School, a Year 12 Coordinator, an Assistant Principal, and one of our School Captains, while the SWC, both Yr11 Coordinators, the other Yr12 Co-ord, the Assistant Principal we had a quick chat with on the way in, a Yr8 Co-ord, and a whole bunch of other teachers watched on.

We were then ordered to get off of the premises, posthaste.

The entire day was cancelled, from the assembly, the carnival, the slave day activities. Everything. I guess we still have the Valedictory though.

There are several nasty rumours flying around that two people have been expelled and they are “helping Police with their enquiries”.