Expeditions 2 Hike

30 September, 2006

##Wednesday## Start: 9.30am
Lunch: 12.20pm
End: 3.20pm
Weather: Sunny

  • Discovered that we had started out from the wrong point. We started at Big Pat’s Picnic Area, down the “Walk into History” track, as opposed to the planned start down the Mississippi Track. After consulting with the group, I decided to continue down the History Track until we go tthe unnamed tracked that leads to the Mississippi Track (where we were planning to switch over to the History Track) before switching over to the Mississippi Track.

  • Basically, we walked the two tracks we were planning to today, just in reverse order. This shaved down the distance travelled from 13km to 12.5km.

##Thursday## Start: 9.30am
Lunch: 12.30pm
End: 4.50pm
Weather: Sunny

  • Most of the track between Federal Mill and the Ada Tree Picnic Area is actually a closed road. There was an old gate that’s still there that confused us momentarily. Our trusty map/compass bearing and the GPS showed that we were on the right track.

##Friday## Start: 9.40am
Lunch: 2.00pm
End: 4.40pm
Weather: Sunny, with evening showers

  • Discovered that “The Bump” is not a campsite, just a crossroad. After consulting with the group, I decided that we would look for a campsite further along the track.

  • When we made it to Powelltown and discovered that there wasn’t any, we camped behind the picnic area — as recommended by the lady at the General Store.

  • This added 6.3km and two hours to our day.

##Saturday## Start: 9.40am
End: 12.50pm
Weather: Sunny

  • We only had to walk a small loop on Reid’s Mill track today since we had made it to Powelltown.

  • The hike ended at the General Store where Stephen’s Dad was waiting for us.

##Recommendations for Others##

  • Wait six months for DSE to finish curring back the overgrown parts of the track.

  • Don’t use Camelbaks as your sole water supply

  • Using two different maps was helpful, as it gave us a choice between slightly newer information and a smaller scale.

##What I learnt##

  • When a Park Ranger says that a track is “slightly overgrown in places” they really mean that in places the track is in danger of disappearing.

  • Camelbak should not be relied upon

  • The Bump is not a campsite

  • When people say that you should start on doing the Queen’s Scout as soon as possible, they are right.